THRESHOLDS -group exhibitions in Helsinki and Berlin, 2017



KASKL, Kaskelstraße 28, 10317 Berlin

Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Vilhovuorenkuja 15, 00101 Helsinki



Thresholds is the silence before the storm,
the forest closing in just before a clearing,
a station platform,
momentary insanity – not knowing if it leads to darkness or enlightenment.

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The works are operating at the interface of the past and future, in the beauty of the perishing moments and nostalgia, in the contradiction that present is burdened with – the need to remember and the necessity to forget.

THRESHOLDS is a group show of seven students from Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Arts Helsinki, Finland. The recurring themes in the exhibition are around transitioning / existential threshold, time and mortality.

Carine Fabritius
Emma Peura
Suvi Sysi
Maria Hekkala
Iiri Poteri
Mari Mattila
LM Salling
Carine Fabritius’ (b. 1978 Tampere, Finland) curiosity in expanding the horizons of traditional handcraft has led her to experimentally play with incorporating new elements into weaving. The appreciation of traditions is close to her heart and with her art she would like to re-awaken the respect for traditional handcraft.

Emma Peura (b.1988 in Kauhava, Finland) is a traditionally trained printmaker. In addition to works on paper, her techniques include environmental art, installation, and most recently, analog film based animation.

Suvi Sysi (b.1990 Nilsiä, Finland) works with installations created with printmaking methods. Her works often question where the art happens, is it in the ready work or the whole process that has lead to it?

Maria Hekkala (b.1985 Karstula, Finland) works with different medias. Having her background in printmaking, she has been moving towards photography and moving image on her exploration on concepts of time, memory and identity. She is on a quest to understand existence.

Iiri Poteri (b.1992 Espoo, Finland) has her background in photography, but works now with different tools depending of the subject. The work is a combination of questions and curiosity about being a human, the world around us and the changes happening in both.

Mari Mattila (b. 1987 Helsinki, Finland ) has lately been doing videos that more or less are inspired by early video art from the 60s and 70s. There’s often a humour in her works.

LM Salling (b. 1989 Taastrup, Denmark) has lived and worked in Helsinki for the past 5 years. She uses a broad array of techniques and mediums to shape her work, which often comes as a response to contemplations on personal issues and worldly matters.

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