PYYTÄMÄTTÄ JA YLLÄTTÄEN, Kuvataideakatemia, 20.–27.4.2017

Exhibition in Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

Jyri Ala-Ruona
Susanna Autio
Tuomas Holst
Kajsa Ignestam
Astri Laitinen
Emma Luukkala
Laura Pakarinen
Moona Pennanen
Emma Peura
Lasse Vairio
The course Painting and Moving Image is about making investigations how Painting practise and Moving Image do affect each other.

Contemporary painting as Moving Image are a hybrid that is a mix of different kind of concepts and discourses. Moving image as painting is a wide field containing divert readings and meanings and strategies.

We look at how Painting influences the Moving Image as well as the Moving Image influences Painting.

In the course we are combining and juxtaposing different ideas and concepts of Painting and Moving Image by lectures, discussions and workshops.

Teachers Harri Monni, Sami van Ingen